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  • Status: Approved Lusitano Breeding Stallion

  • Color: Bay

  • Born: 1999

  • Height: 15.3 hh

  • Morphofunctional test score: 71.5

  • Pedigree: Heroi MV / Quimono 

  • Studbook: APSL

  • Level: Dressage Grand Prix, Working Equitation Masters level

Sherep excels through his exceptional character and willingness to work. He has been showed numerous times in working equitation, proving his agility and excellent balance. His solid character has made it possible for him to perform in exhibitions with pyrotechnics and the Garrocha. The work on the Long Lines and High School movements are his speciality, facilitated by his traditional compact conformation. 

Shereps Pedigree: 

Shereps father Heroi MV was from the famous Veiga studfarm in Portugal. This prestigious studfarm has existed over centuries, producing foundation bloodlines of the Lusitano horse.

Heroi MV was a strong and elegant stallion with an exceptional character. Children were able to ride him easily aside the herd of mares. He produced numerous foals in Portugal and Mexico, imprinting his character reliably.

On the maternal side of Shereps pedigree, the sire QUIMONO (AA) was an exceptional stallion, who reached 80 points at the approvation and was aquired by the Coudelaria Nacional(CV) in order to improve the breed. Shereps mother Epata, from the famous Irmaos Oliveira Studfarm, produced numerous breeding stallions, standing at stud in Portugal, Mexico and the United States, known for their strong flawless conformation and willingness to work. Epata is the mother of a Stallion used at Mexicos most successful Studfarm Las Morerias, Limoeiro, with the outstanding punctuation of 75.5 points. 




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