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Miguel Undabarrena is a professional rider with an impressive portfolio of both competitive dressage and working equitation accomplishments. Miguel has earned his bronze, silver and gold medals on horses he trained himself from start to Grand Prix Level. He was the 2018 Arizona Dressage FEI Grand Prix Reserve Rider of the Year and excels at bringing his skills and experience to riders and horses.


In the working equitation arena, Miguel was the

2016 Haras Cup Level 6 Champion

2017 Haras Cup Reserve Champion Level 4 and Confederation Year End National Champion Level 4 and Year End Champion Arizona Working Equitation Club.

2018 2nd place at the Brasil International Working Equitation Challenge, riding for the US Team.

2022 1st US Rider participating in the World Championship of Working Equitation in Les Herbiers, France

2022 National Champion Masters Level

In addition, Miguel earned the 2019 El Campeon Farms Summer Invitational Level 5 Champion and Level 4 Reserve Champion2019 Conferderation of Working Equitation National Champion Level 4 title and the 2019 WE United National Champion International Rider Level Intermediate B.

Miguels career as a rider started very early, as his father was in charge of a studfarm with more than 3,000 horses. In this time he obtained profound knowledge about handling, breeding and complete care of horses. The work there involved introducing foals to be handled, starting young horses, training and presenting stallions up to Alta Escuela and participating in numerous presentations incorporating special effects. Additionally, he gave classes to young children, starting already at the age of just 2 years. 

His passion for dressage and competitions led him to the United States where he began an impressive showing career. Miguel participated in numerous dressage, breeding and working equitation shows, winning Champion titles year after year. 

Miguel has trained horses of different breeds such as PREs, Lusitanos, German Warmbloods, Friesians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and many more. His specialities are training "difficult" horses, starting young horses, ground work and classical dressage training up to Grand Prix and Alta Escuela. Additionally Miguel has a lot of experience in the classical Doma Vaquera and has performed numerous shows with the Garrocha. 

The experience and knowledge Miguel has acquired in the studfarm he used to work for, has led him to build up his own successful breeding program of pure bred Lusitanos and Andalusians. His horses have already won several shows in dressage and working equitation, being taught by Miguel from the day they were born. 

Miguel is a well rounded horseman, who grew up riding stallions for an Andalusian and Lusitano breeding farm in addition to his competitive riding career. Whether your goals are in competitive dressage, working equitation or both, Miguel is a talented trainer with international experience.

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